InvestDiaspora is an online platform intended to make it convenient and less risky for Diaspora Ethiopians to invest in various types of opportunities in Ethiopia that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to hear about, such as investment opportunities in well-established businesses looking for capital injection, growth stage enterprises looking to attract financing for accelerating growth, promising SMEs looking for partners and financial support, and early stage innovative tech and other startups seeking angel investors who could help get established.

InvestDiaspora is mapped to Objective 1 of the By-Laws: To provide platforms to address common challenges faced by members of the Diaspora participating in the process of investment and transfer of know how and technology and facilitate experience sharing.

InvestDiaspora can involve both lending and equity and blended financial instruments and the platform would be implemented with an investment professional partner, such as a local investment firm, or one based abroad.

The role of the platform is to identify, screen, and showcase investment opportunities in a streamlined and easy to use modality. Further, the platform would facilitate connections between interested investors and the various businesses.

InvestDiaspora is aimed at individual investors, but could also target institutional investors among the Diaspora, such as funds, investment clubs, associations organized by town, etc.

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