EthioCorps will be an ongoing program that mobilizes Diaspora volunteers to be placed in different organizations in Ethiopia for a given period of time. This program is mapped to Objective 3 of the By-Laws: To motivate and strengthen active participation of the Diaspora in national development activities thereby bringing about technology transfer.
EthioCorps as a volunteer placement program, for 3 to 6 months duration, would have dual purposes: to provide an opportunity for Diaspora Ethiopians to contribute meaningful to national development, while also exposing and educating them on how to live and work in Ethiopia.

The program would have three components:
1) recruitment of volunteers
2) logistics handling of travel and lodging to ensure safe and comfortable stay
3) placement of volunteers in organizations not only in Addis Ababa but in other locations around Ethiopia with national institutions, businesses, civil society, and elsewhere.

There would be four target populations out of which Diaspora volunteers would be recruited:
1. High school and university students (ages 16 to 23)
2. Post-university youth (ages 24 – 35)
3. Mid-career professionals (ages 36 – 59)
4. Retiree (ages 60 and above)

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