NextGenET is the youth program of the Ethiopian Diaspora Association aimed at engaging young people in the Diaspora on the core concept of Identity: What does it mean to be Ethiopian? How do I connect to Ethiopia? Where do I fit in?
NextGenET is mapped to Objective 6 of the Association’s By-Laws: To make constructive efforts towards building peace and democracy in the nation thereby coordinating members in the country and abroad.
NextGenET is aimed at exposing young people to their country of origin, Ethiopia, and in creating meaningful and lasting connections, through both connecting to their peers, youth in Ethiopia, but also to each other as Ethiopian origin citizens abroad.
NextGenET will be primarily a social media platform with engaging video content and lively sharing on various channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and other youth-oriented media channels. It will be run by young people and be aimed at engaging and starting a conversation that leads to more, and will engage with youth groups and Ethiopian youth and student clubs in various locations.
In addition to social media, #NextGenET will organize an annual DestinationEthiopia tour for young people to experience Ethiopia with local youth peers, traveling around the countryside and participating in unique experiences such as rural farm visits, nature exploration, mountain climbing, historical sites, Danakil Depression, and elsewhere, for an unforgettable and life-changing experience learning about Ethiopian history, culture, and landscapes.

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