Professionals Connect is a networking forum aimed at Diaspora professionals working in Ethiopia as well as those abroad interested in working in Ethiopia.
Professionals Connect is mapped to Objective 5 of the By-Laws: To coordinate and integrate national development and growth activities not only among members but also with government bodies and non-governmental organizations.
The purpose of the forum is to share common experiences and challenges and to make valuable professional connections, including with invited government, diplomatic community, and others. Another value of the forum is enable career recruitment opportunities and to operate a Job Board for Diaspora professionals looking for job placement in Ethiopia.
Professionals Connect would be a monthly professionals networking event and happy hour organized in rotating locations, sponsored by the venue.
During these events, government officials in various capacities, such as the Investment Commission, Jobs Creation Commission, Ministry of Finance, National Bank, PM Office, and others will be invited to speak on various aspects of policy, economic trends, or reforms, or other issues. Over time, the PC Job Board could evolve once sufficient critical mass has been achieved.

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